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Instantly evaluate and manage risk


Evaluate and manage the risk and performance of your suppliers


Assess your suppliers risk profile


Develop rules that immediately create dynamic action plans


Categorise your supplier through the use of classifications


We help Australia’s best with their Supplier Risk and Performance Management

Experience a seamless integration

Integrate Portt seamlessly into your existing systems! Our powerful, stand-alone performance, relationship, and risk and performance management software provide powerful insights that drive effective supplier management. Portt requires no code to get started; an intuitive setup engine ensures it fits your existing workflows like a glove! Receive instant access, extensive automation and workflow capabilities, and all the support you need from our friendly and experienced Australian-based team.


Master risk management with our carefully curated features

Determine supplier risk instantly

Increase the visibility of your supplier base. Effortlessly deep dive into your suppliers (and even their suppliers) to understand more about key risks such as financial performance, ownership structures, and crucial social impact indicators such as Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking exposure.

Simplify classification of suppliers

Eliminate the guesswork. Our highly configurable supplier classification functionality helps you model and tier your supplier base according to your unique priorities. Simply ‘tag’ your suppliers within the classifications library, and Port Discover automates all the associated plans and tasks that need to be completed.

Automate recurring assessments​

Improve the relationships and capabilities of your suppliers with automation and logic-based risk management software that drives continuous process improvements. Create category-based scorecards that ensure relevant supplier comparison, and set recurring reminders and tasks that encourage ongoing positive change.

Store your supplier contracts​

Increase your organisation’s opportunity to drive value with our Quick Start Action Centre. You’ll obtain the highest level of risk management efficiency while giving your team strategic insight into key dates and contract deliverables. This complements the powerful supplier performance, KPI and stakeholder satisfaction management capabilities of the Portt software.

Easily collaborate with suppliers​

Easily collaborate with your suppliers through our self-service and information sharing functionality: a like-for-like system experience that makes your suppliers WANT to collaborate with you, enabling effective contract, supplier & general procurement risk management.


Experience out-of-this-world supplier management and planning capabilities

Supplier Management Plans
Supplier Risk Management
Supplier Performance Management
Capability and Innovation Management
Modern Slavery Risk Management
Supplier Onboarding Process
Supplier Due Diligence
Supply Chain Risk

Supplier Management Plans

Supplier management plans are the system generated outline of activities, actions, milestones, assessments, risks, and meetings that underpin your core business processes. Portt Discover automatically generates this framework when a management plan is launched for a supplier.

Typical management plans include:

  • Supplier Onboarding Process
  • Supplier Due Diligence
  • Supply Chain Risk

Supplier Risk Management

Portt Discover provides you with all the tools you need to successfully assess, manage, and mitigate your supplier risk. You’ll gain a comprehensive view of third-party relationships, ensuring that you understand the impact any disruption might have on your business.

Using an extensive range of public, private and supplier direct data sources, Portt Discover will take you far beyond traditional risk management practices. You’ll obtain a full view of regulatory compliance, supply chain risk and supplier integrity (including negative media) that will give you the tools you need to understand, mitigate, manage and ultimately predict risk.

Supplier Performance Management

Successfully manage your supplier’s performance in a clear, concise and collaborative manner. With a bit of help from Portt, you’ll gain clear visibility of both supplier and stakeholder performance.

With Portt Discover, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify, tier, and link your suppliers to industry, service, and individual capabilities
  • Create scoring frameworks and measure contract achievements across multiple data points
  • Create bespoke assessments to provide a 360-degree overview of supplier performance
  • Understand and effectively use qualitative feedback within your supplier meetings to improve outcomes

Capability and Innovation Management

Effortlessly manage innovation with your suppliers by enabling detailed collaboration as part of your supplier management processes.

Through increased transparency and simplified interaction, you’ll be able to strengthen innovation frameworks that improve long-term capability across your organisation and allow you to identify and prioritise more efficient workflows.

Portt takes the pain out of managing your innovation pipeline and building the steps you need to drive value and improve outcomes in your supplier relationships.

Modern Slavery Risk Management

Compliance with Modern Slavery legislation requires every business with a turnover of more than $100 million to identify and address risks in their supply chain. Portt helps you effortlessly meet your legislative compliance by providing you with the tools you need to design, assess, mitigate, and report on modern slavery.

Your organisation will receive a detailed and robust supplier assessment framework that allows you to focus on your engagement with high-risk suppliers, ensuring clear accountability from the suppliers to their obligations. With Portt, you’ll gain:

  • A modern slavery risk management framework

  • Detailed risk assessment and validation on all impacted suppliers

  • Due diligence tools to assess operational and supply chain risk

  • Strategies to mitigate and remediate identified risk

  • Continual monitoring of the identified risk

  • A reporting framework to enable outcome clarity

Supplier Onboarding Process

Simplify your supplier onboarding process with Portt’s bespoke series of supplier onboarding measures. Your organisation will gain absolute certainty that every supplier is joining your supply chain in a way that allows you to manage the relationship and risks effectively.

For instance, Portt Discover will send you down an onboarding process with only two or three steps for a low-risk supplier. However, a thorough, multi-party due diligence process that maps out all risks will be created to give you peace of mind for higher-risk, new suppliers.

Either way, Portt Discover saves you time with your supplier onboarding process and sets you up for a low-risk, high-value relationship with all suppliers.

Supplier Due Diligence

Gain complete transparency of your suppliers (and their suppliers) and empower your team to create and conduct effective supplier due diligence processes. 

This increased visibility gives you a heightened capacity to understand key risks, such as Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking exposure. 

With Portt Discover’s innovative supplier due diligence features, you’ll be able to:

  • Create supply chain overviews by linking suppliers together in chains that can be as deep or as wide as required

  • Create and manage risks, issues, milestones and ongoing activities with your suppliers

  • Create response plans and automatic responses for supplier risk categories and status

  • Create scoring frameworks to determine supplier risk

  • Flag suppliers with various watch lists and gain the ability to place them on blacklists or ‘do not engage’ lists

Supply Chain Risk

Portt Discover’s integration with Bureau van Dijk and Orbis allows for next-level supply chain risk management and mitigation. Seamlessly connect your master supplier database with over 190 external data providers to ensure you know more about your suppliers than ever before. 

Port Discover provides you with detailed supply chain mapping and management capability to whatever depth you desire. Create relationship maps with your suppliers and your suppliers’ suppliers to understand risk, feasibility, social impacts and capture information key to your supply chain continuity. 

Our world-class risk management software allows you to easily configure risk mitigation and response plans for supplier risk categories, create scoring frameworks for determining supplier risk and policy adherence, and automate your responses for when due-diligence database changes occur.

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Buy-side or Sell-side, it can all be done with Portt

We’ve developed Portt to complement your existing enterprise business systems or provide you entry into our market-leading procurement systems eco-system that will drive lasting positive organisational change and empowerment. 

Portt Core

Portt Core is your strategic procurement toolkit, providing a modern, scalable platform for the management of all procurement and contract activity.

Guide your users through the scope, plan, source and award process of your simplest or most complex procurement projects. Intuitive workflow and automation guides users through all tasks, documentation development, approvals and compliance requirements.

Learn more about Portt Core

Portt Analytics

Open up truly rich data insights for your organisation through Portt Analytics.

Through access to a master data set, Portt Analytics provides ultimate transparency, as well as the ability to report according to your specific framework requirements. Use these insight capabilities to drive educated decision-making and efficiency within your business.

Learn more about Portt Analytics

Portt Hub

Collaborate with your supplier via the Portt Hub to improve risk management plans, resolve issues, update progress milestones and complete activities.

Portt Hub - Our dedicated supplier portal - streamlines supplier administration, assessments and notifications, acting as a central communication hub with automation ability that makes your procurement activities simply easier.

Learn more about Portt Hub

Designed for all teams of all sizes

Procurement Teams

 Portt Discover creates unique risk management plans for each supplier, based on level of urgency, the information the supplier has access to, and the risk methodology associated with that supplier. Risk and Procurement Managers will have a full, 360-degree view of all supplier risks, as well as clear insight into risk consequences.  

Oh&S Teams

Portt Discover provides a structured process for OH&S teams to take all new and existing suppliers through the required safety processes, as well as easily ensuring they have all the necessary certifications required to do business with your organisation.

Supply Chain Managers

Portt Discover gives Supply Chain Managers the ability to map your supplier’s supply chains to whatever level they’d like to, ensuring they understand all the deliverable criticalities and dependencies that enable you to deliver to your customers. 

WHS Teams

Portt Discover gives you clarity of your high risk customers WHS practices and allows you to attain certaintly that their certifications are valid. With Portt Discover, you’ll be able to ensure all contractual obligations around WHS compliance are met.

Project Managers

Gain the ability to obtain deeper insights into who’s interacting with your supplier and gain critical feedback on supplier performance. Collaborate with your suppliers in real time around project deliverables and documentation, and drive depth and consistency of reporting across your organisation.

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Portt Discover has you covered

Read more about what Portt Discover can do for you! From successful supplier onboarding to extensive supply chain risk and performance management, Portt has you covered.  

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